Robert L. McKiernan

12 Skyline Drive Thiells, NY 10984
(914) 996-5423 | [email protected]

Date available to begin work:  Immediately


  • Flexible and collaborative administrator with proven experience in assessing and addressing needs to improve organizational and systems performance.
  • Life-long learner consistently seeking out best practice, developing professionally and applying competencies to daily operations.
  • Ethical and dependable team player that builds and works in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.




Bachelor of Arts in History from Fordham University; Master of Arts in Teaching Social Studies from Lehman College; Master of Arts in Education Administration from Fordham University.


Possess keen problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  Technically competent in Google, Microsoft and beginner’s proficiency in cybersecurity.  Capable of assuming a leadership posture and is a collaborative team player focused on achieving goals.


Dependable and consistent in approach.  Committed.  Open-minded and confident.


Per Diem Administrator, March 2023 – June 2023

Arlington Central School District, Lagrangeville, NY
Salary: $525 per day

Job Type: 40 hours per week, Full-Time/Temporary
Supervisor:  Dr. Don Solimene, (845) 486-4860; Mr. Todd Richard (845) 486-4480

Aid building administrators by improving the efficiency of student supervision and discipline.  Investigate complaints and referrals to determine facts in a timely manner.  Establish connections with children, teachers and parents to foster a climate of trust and respect for in in an expeditious manner.

Principal, October 2018-November 2022

Red Hook Central School District, Red Hook, NY

Job Type: 40+ hours per week, Full-Time
Supervisor:  Dr. Janet Warden (845) 758-2241


Implement a district-wide mission and vision to build instructional programs that develop future-focused skills consistent with the district graduate profile.  Convert schedule from traditional model to block scheduling model for the 2022-23 school year in order to provide extended time for students to acquire future-focused skills like creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration.   Spearhead the implementation of social-emotional learning in instructional design by through identification of skills as explicit learning objectives.  Develop a master schedule for the 2020-21 school year that meets all recommended CDC and New York State Department of Health standards through cohorting in a hybrid environment.  Improve procedures and operations to ensure a safe and efficient school environment by adjusting protocols to ensure student supervision and safety.


Principal, January 2016-October 2018

Goshen Central School District, Goshen, NY

Job Type: 40+ Hours per week, Full Time

Supervisor Dr. Kurtis Kotes (845) 615-6720


Work with students to give them opportunities to elevate their voice.  Oversee procedures and operations to ensure a safe and efficient school environment by enhancing drills to mimic more realistic expectations of school-based incidents, redesign safety procedures in response to a large-scale school construction project. Work with community-based agencies to educate both students and adults on critical social issues like dating violence and substance abuse.  Communicating with all constituencies to engender school community support for the vision of the district.


Assistant Principal, July 2012-December 2015

Carmel Central School District, Carmel, NY

Job Type: 40+ Hours per week, Full Time

Supervisor Mr. Kevin Carroll (845) 857-4547


Clarify communications between the Guidance and Counseling Department, building and district administration and the public regarding district policies and practices. Improved the effectiveness of master scheduling by focusing on the program needs of students with disabilities as a core objective. Supervise use of building facilities.  Pilot student-centered program with Putnam-Northern Westchester BOCES and Putnam County Highway Department to provide career internship training.  Coordinate professional development program for building administrators within Carmel Central School District.


Assistant Principal for Guidance, August 2011-June 2012

Rye City School District, Rye, NY

Job Type: 40 Hours per week, Full Time

Supervisor Mrs. Patricia Taylor (914) 967-6100


Articulated essential features of the guidance plan to parents and students at grade-level parent meetings and through other Internet-based media.  Managed the development of a Senior Internship program for 2012-2013.  Collaborated with counselors to maintain a highly effective college placement program. Performed teacher evaluations.


Dean of Students, July 2005-July 2011

Carmel Central School District, Carmel, NY

Job Type: 40+ Hours per week, Full Time

Supervisor Mr. Kevin Carroll (845) 857-4547


Participated in the development of professional learning communities throughout the school to enhance student learning.  Collected data for use by Carmel Central School District in STEP and VADIR reporting.  Served as test center supervisor for administration of the SAT, ACT, PSAT and PLAN tests.  Served as administrative liaison with community-based programs like PINS, Camp Herrlich and the Putnam County Youth Bureau to assist students, parents and the school in improving student outcomes.   Maintained supervision of the Guidance and Counseling Department and facilitated the electronic college application process for seniors.